Log in to Tracer Ensemble

All Tracer Ensembleusers must know the IP address (example or the URL (example http://www.tracerensemble.trane.com/live) of the Tracer Ensemble server and have a User ID and password, which can be created by a system administrator.

To log in to Tracer Ensemble:

  1. Launch one of the following internet browsers:
  1. Enter the address of the Tracer Ensemble server into the browser’s address bar. Tracer Ensemble may take up to a minute to load, depending on available network and computer resources.
  2. Select an alternate language, if needed, by clicking the button for the desired language.  There are some additional regional settings you can change if you edit your preferences.
  3. Type your User ID and password as indicated, then click Login.


Note: If it is your first time logging in to the software, you must read and accept the Terms of Service agreement to continue.  Read the agreement (you must scroll down to the bottom), then click Yes, I do accept, and Continue to indicate your agreement.

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