Navigation Sidebar


The left sidebar of the Tracer Ensemble window contains the navigation Tree, a customizable way to navigate through Tracer Ensemble. Any Tracer Ensemble page, folder, or graphic can be saved as a tree node. Nodes can then be sorted into a hierarchical structure for easy navigation. By default, the tree is always available in the left sidebar, but it can be hidden with the click of a button.


All Buildings

The All Buildings menu provides quick access to frequently used applications:



When in a building, the building navigation pane is also available. This allows you quick access to the Building Summary page, alarms, spaces, equipment, systems, points, schedules, data logs, and advanced building schedules, as applicable. By default, the Tree is displayed when in the building. To access the building navigation, click the black Building heading at the bottom of the tree. To toggle back to the Tree, click the red Tree heading.

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